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Brookland Raceway - Partner Opportunities

Brookland Raceway is the largest outdoor Radio Control Car venue in the UK. The track has around 25 years history and is one of the most popular tracks in Europe.


The track has taken a hit over the recent years due to previous owners and I'm here to change that and put the track back on the map!  The venue currently has both Club and National Meetings but now, we push for European and International events.


There is a lot of work to do but equally, this is a fantastic and exciting opportunity! As part of the plan I am pushing for local businesses to become a part of Brookland Raceway and get involved. To help us on our Journey we are looking for support.....  by helping us, we can help you!


If you are interested in working with Brookland Raceway, the sponsorship will bring the following benefits. Please see further below for information around the sponsorship packaged available. 


Benefits Package

  • Banner(s) put up around the track fencing of Brookland Raceway

  • Inclusion by means of a logo under 'our partners' on all official paperwork / correspondence

  • An initial social post thank you for supporting Brookland Raceway

  • Monthly posts regarding our sponsors on our social media platforms - FB (South East RCCC and Brookland Raceway page)

  • Inclusion within our adhoc posts on local sites (for example 'Ashford Kent Read All About It' which has around over 17,000 members - I was the original founder of the group). These posts will talk about the venue and thank our sponsors along with a brief description of what they do.

  • You will be included on our website (due to go-live around middle of May 2020) within the supporters / partners / sponsor opportunities page - your logo, a description, and asking people to reach out and support you with contact details

  • Opportunity to promote your business, yourself using the fact you are supporting a local venue - it's a great talking point too!

  • Invite to attend events to promote your business - this is work in progress and yet to be launched / agreed


In addition we are going to be launching 24/7 live coverage of the track and the ability to view racing via Pullstart.TV / You Tube.


Pricing (Per Annum)

Package 1*

  • Benefits Package

  • 1 x banner, including the banner (size 6x3 ft - £250) OR (size 8x4 ft - £275)


Package 2*

  • Benefits Package

  • 2 x banner, including the banner (size 6x3 ft £280) OR (size 8x4 ft - £365)


Package 3 - Lower Pits Sponsor - £350*

  • Benefits Package

  • Package 1 (6x3)

  • Plus a large banner on the lower pits itself


Package 4 - Drivers Rostrum Sponsor - £350*

Benefits package

Package 1 (6x3)

Plus a banner on the front of drivers rostrum


Package 5 - Main Pit Sponsor - £375*

  • Benefits Package

  • Package 1 (8x4)

  • Plus a large 8x4 banner on the main pits itself


Package 6 - Track Sponsor - £400*

  • Benefits Package

  • Package 1 (6x3)

  • Plus a specially made banner on a stand on the grass in the middle of the track


Package 7 - Main Entrance Sponsor - £750*

  • Benefits Package

  • Package 1 (6x3)

  • Plus Banner on the main entrance to the actual track - this is the first thing everyone sees!!!


Package 8 - Trophy Sponsor - £800*

  • Benefits Package

  • Package 1 (6x3)

  • Engraving of business name on trophies (around 150 - 200 trophies per annum)

  • PLUS - All trophy presentation pictures on the podium will include a banner. An additional banner is made especially for this

Package 9 - Short Term Package - £20

  • If you wish to place a banner for a single weekend, each banner is charged as per the above and you are to provide the banner.

*Please note - if you provide your own banner(s) - £20 per banner will be deducted per package price


Next steps:

If you wish to take on one of the packages, please reply to this email / message and I will send you details of how to pay. Once payment is received:

  • An initial post will be on social media will be posted

  • Addition to the website (as soon as it is live)

  • The banners will be requested and will be put up accordingly as soon as they arrived

  • Addition to our regular post vault


I hope this is of interest and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I look forward to welcoming you in this mutually beneficial and unique opportunity.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the  


Steve Metcalfe

( Chairman - Brookland Raceway and the South East Radio Control Car Club)

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