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The Brookland Raceway Wishlist

The story behind the Brookland Raceway Wish list....  

A member approached me and wanted to help the track progress, however they were keen to purchase something for the track rather than donate money.  The reason behind this is because they felt they were really giving something and helping rather than just passing cash over.  If buying something makes someone feel good, who am I to argue :) 


The member, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggested a wish list of things the track requires and depending on budgets, someone may purchase something for the club. I thought it was a great idea - no cash touches the club and the person buying makes the purchase direct, equally, it doesn't have to work this way you can pass on the cash for the track to purchase themselves. Therefore, see below a list of things the club requires to continue progression. Please do keep an eye out, this list will continue grow.....  this is just the start. 

If you wish to purchase something, please use the contact form HERE and contact me. At this point I will ensure you are purchasing the right item(s).

Thank you in advance! 


£25.00 and under

  • Bulbs for the pits - Expected Budget, £4 per bulb

  • Weed and Feed, multiple boxes required - Expected Budget, £8-£15 per box


£50.00 and under

  • Marine Plywood 12mm 8x4, 40 sheets (cc £30-£35 per sheet) for pit benches

  • 4x2 treated timber, 3.0m lengths x 6 (cc £10 per length) for new Brookland Raceway entrance

  • 4x4 treated posts, 2.4m lengths x 4 (cc £20 per post) for new Brookland Raceway entrance

  • 2 x Banners (cc £30 per banner) for roadside awareness of the track

  • 1 x Banner for S's on track (cc £30 for the banner) as part of memorial for ex club member who passed

  • Cabling, Cat6 60 metres (cc £50) for third Pullstart.TV Camera

  • OSB Board 18mm x 2 (cc £20 per board) for new Brookland Raceway entrance 

£100 +

  • 3 camera CCTV - Expected Budget, £250-£500

  • CCTV Monitor - Expected Budget, £150

  • Race Control Monitor - Expected Budget, £150


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