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Attending a BRCA Event at Brookland Raceway? 

If you're attending a BRCA at Brookland Raceway. There are a few basic things to remember and to do. 

  1. For any Race Fees you MUST pay the BRCA directly NOT Brookland Raceway

  2. You pay Brookland Raceway for Track Days and Overnight stays ONLY

  3. The Saturday before the Sunday is included in your entry fee

  4. If you wish to book a track day or days please use the form HERE

  5. If you wish to stay overnight please use the form HERE

  6. Payment when made via PayPal MUST be sent as Family and Friends

  7. Payment is accepted in cash and can be paid whilst at the event 

  8. Review the site for useful information about your stay

  9. If you have any questions or queries please contact us  HERE 


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